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    Symbiosis comes up with an innovative model  to manage E-waste

    IRGAmag is a web-based news-magazine, which aims to present foreign news, analysis and commentary of major international events from an Indian perspective.

    It is probably the first such (web) magazine which provides ‘Breaking News’ as it happens across the world and then concentrates on analyzing the impact of those foreign affairs, from the immediate neighbourhood to the ‘near afar'(comprising almost the entire world, as the globe shrinks and we find ourselves an increasing part of a globalised world), in the Indian context.

    While the thrust of the analysis and commentary is on political and strategic issues, there is considerable focus on the world economy and international financial matters, which vitally impact our lives.

    This web news-magazine is a major in-house resource for its students and research associates of the Symbiosis School of International Studies (SSIS). For this purpose, the website has a special ‘Classroom’ section, for students and the faculty of the University, to voice their opinions on major foreign policy issues of the day.

    The idea of this venture, unique to Symbiosis International University, is to seamlessly straddle the distance between the media and academia, by creating greater awareness in one and greater depth in the other. For more information visit