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    Utt’hana – Upliftment of society & protection of Environment

    One more step by Symbiosis family towards the protection of environment – Utt’hana – Upliftment of society & protection of Environment

    Project Utt’hana (Utt’hana means Upliftment), aims at developing alternative sustainable business model (by creating livelihood for underprivileged women and protecting the environment from plastic pollution.)

    A small market research and awareness campaign on hazards of plastic bags among retailers and residents by Symbiosis students turned into a minor research project, named as Utt’hana.

    We assure that this project without being restricted to mere files will actually create a model that will help in the upliftment of underprivileged women by providing them with an opportunity to earn money through alternatives to plastic bags ultimately contributing towards conservation of environment.

    Third year students of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (SCMS) began with a market research and awareness campaign and started meeting retailers and residents from Vimannagar area, Pune and made them aware about the ill effects of plastic bags usage. During this project, students learnt that many retailers are ready to give away plastic bags if they get affordable alternative for the same.

    This triggered the search for affordable options for plastic bags thus motivating the students to visit the Vimannagar slum area where they met underprivileged women who are ready for an alternate income by making eco-friendly bags, thus giving birth to small research project, ‘Utt’hana’.

    Taking the initiative ahead, Utt’hana team approached retailers who are interested for alternative to plastic bags and generated an initial order of 2500 bags. The Utthana team is now working on providing modern technology to these underprivileged women for bag making. The journey towards the noble cause of environment protection has begun and you can be also part of it.